Shame on me, Shame on you, Shame on everyone! For the life lost of someone’s mother, someone’s grandmother and a old lady. I intended not to write anything but got persuaded by the inhuman and heinous mock of death. If it would have even come from some anonymous I would have understood, but to my bloody surprise it came from journalists and politicians. Yes I am talking about the death of senior journalist GAURI LANKESH.

Let me make my stand clear first as I know that some morons will start to malign the argument by making idiotic assumptions. I am not a leftist, not a Naxali, neither an anti Hindu. I am a Hindu with his faith intact. I am more a supporter of BJP AND I hate congress to my core. I have no propaganda to sell and agenda to advertise. Among all above mentioned everything has remained same over the years apart from just one, that I use to be staunch supporter of BJP and believer in Modiji and now I am just a supporter getting circumspect as the deeds happening around have chalked the staunch out.

Many will argue that why I am questioning only when she died and why overlooked the deaths of Hindu community in Bengal or Kerala or something like that. I don’t need to explain, everyone knows what I am taking about. The crystal clear reason is that this write-up is not to mourn her death rather against the inhuman celebration that’s been going over a death. Everyone can choose not to respect someone but insulting someone’s death is heinous.

Now let’s get down to the real discussion. A senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was gunned down by 3 goons outside her home. This can happen to anyone as the society is filled with antisocial elements. But to praise it or justify it in some crude joking manner and that also by the same fraternity in which she worked is the most sickening act. Taking point from the journalist shukla, she can be anti hindutva, an atheist, supporting naxal ideology, but that doesn’t make her a deserving candidate of getting shot. She was an elderly lady and prized journalist. What happened to her is never justified and is a homicide according to the law that governs this country and thank God it doesn’t follow any ideology either left or right or else some people would have committed crime in its name, some justified it, some defended it and some blamed it. We have become so inhuman that we don’t see a life lost as a life lost. We have stooped so low that we are joking about the benefits and loss of a murder.

What the hell she did wrong. Was it her crime to have an independent thinking which questions the establishment and believes in change? If that’s it then every political opposition in this country and every man who is not with the contemporary establishment should be gunned down.

I know that whenever I will start this debate there are jerks who will try to dismiss the argument by lousy and same old dialogues, so I have come prepared to take everyone of you head on this time. The first cliché statement, I will get, is why didn’t you speak up when kashmiri pandits were killed and Exiled. My answer to all of them is, where the hell were you, who are now sympathizing so much after almost twenty years. My age was 5 years that time so leave writing on an issue, I may have been learning to write properly but, I will surely tell where everyone else was during this period i.e, early 90’s. BJP and RSS was busy in conducting RATH YATRA and demolishing BABRI MASJID and the CONGRESS was busy in doing BOFORS and several other scams along with pushing the country towards economic crisis. Another trump card of government is SIACHIN. The people who are so concerned about SIACHIN and our soldiers should have done some good for them rather than just babbling about their heroics and patting their own shoulders. If china can built a train route on Himalaya, then surely state of art facilities can be created in SIACHIN for our soldiers by using the best technology available. Our current prime minister went to so many countries hence should have brought some tech to make the life of soldiers easy, the people whose heroics, you say, are maligned by political propaganda. If anyone has some more question feel free to bring to my notice, I will answer all. But I do not want to divert from the topic as its government’s forte not mine, so let’s get back. Mr. Kalburgi was also killed in same manner as Gauri lankesh. So for how long this anarchy will prevail. Anyone, who opposes establishment or questions government, cannot be killed, its democracy not monarchy. Current government condemn the period of emergency for mass persecution, then what good are they if they are creating the same situation.

After the old lady was killed a journalist tweeted, she got what she deserved for her deeds, another man working in Ministry of Information Technology wrote ” Jaise karni wasi bharni” and there were others like this. What the hell she did wrong and even if she did something wrong how a planned murder can be justified on that argument. From 2013 till this date 16 journalists have been killed throughout the country for going against the establishment.

So as citizen of this country have we became so ferocious like animals that we will go on killing somebody who does’ not share our views or be happy that they get killed? So lastly, I just want to say, that if anyone is murdered, then it’s a grief not a celebration. Killing that old lady was a cowardly act and not some heroic and the people involved are all cowardly bastards. She was right or left that’s not the issue, she is hindutva or anti hindutva that’s not the issue, she is anti establishment or pro that’s not the issue. The issue is that how can someone be praised for murdering someone in a democracy and no reason is justified. The people who are praising, I just have a question for them. If some of their relative receives the same fate will then they will be high on euphoria as they are now? If anarchy is what these people think is going to solve the issue then they should know that once anarchy prevails it spreads all over.


Social Mediocrity

Social Mediocrity

These days whenever my phone beeps ad shows that there is a facebook or whatsapp notification more than often I get disgusted. If you are surprised why then I will tell you the reason , in short, from being funny and Amusing social networking has become opinionated, mediocre, agenda centric, propagandas and religiously profane. If you analyze the bulk of the posts generated on the social networking these days you may feel either of two feelings. A war being fought, with childish demeanor or a peace being brought with a malicious notion. To go further even political campaigns are launched on facebook. But let’s not get too serious here, even when these days there is a deliberate attempt on social media to make everything too serious. We are talking social media right, so let’s talk with some spunk!

Let’s start with category of messages. First will be religiously provoking. As hilarious example, write om namah shivaya, or jai mata di or jai bajrang bali or amen or allah or wahe guru or amen god or jesus crist and so on. These messages usually end with a threatening of outcast and several years of bad luck if you not write as said above. For the first part of that line, myself being a Hindu feels insulted as my gods should not be treated in such cheap way .For the latter part every other religion also should get there deserving respect. The point I am trying to draw is that everyone who believes in their religion should get furious on this type of idiotic depiction of their religious beliefs. First they present gods as commodities online, then try branding of them in special categories and then they are scrutinizing the authenticity of our beliefs based on how much we abide with them. These types of messages are real heresy.

The second category is drawing sympathy. We usually see messages that have various pictures of people suffering from illness or have cured some illness. These messages also follow with a threat of suffering from bad luck. By all standards this is the most disgusting form of messages i.e, selling someone’s misery for own benefit. These messages also come in another way that some has won over there disease and is asking for likes. That can be accepted but what I don’t understand that how same people can get cured from same disease after every 3 to 6 months. .

The third category is patriotically provoking. When on a message they are asking to write jai hind or bharat mata ki jai that’s okk. But following message of “jisne desh ka namak khaya ho” or “jo deshbhakt ho” is trying to question our loyalty towards nation based on the judgment of the morons who sent the message. Moreover I don’t want to say much about this one as few months earlier the whole country was stormed on the issue of “Bharat mata ki Jay”. Only want to say that my patriotism is my right and my personal way of saluting my motherland and no one should or can dictate that In what way I should spell it.

The fourth category is making groups to propagate a particular notion or to discard a particular notion. In this special category you find the messages like, “Kya modi aazadi ke bad ke sabse acche pm hai” or “Rahul ya Modi” or “Congress or BJP” or “JDU, Congress or BJP” or “ government ko aap kam ke kitne number denge” and so on. The beauty of this messages are that they are so idiotic in their own sense that I really wonder who sends them. But these messages are directed to judge the opinion of the masses or to fabricate the opinion of the masses. This category also contains messages explaining a political parties achievement and how this party is the best by all means!

I am ending the previous sentence with an exclamation because I can’t draw a smiley or lolllzzzz here like social networks. Many times the group who makes the message viral gets very enraged when someone questions his liking. In another way these messages are directed to make groups of their belief and corner everyone else. Recently a new edition is added to these messages which explain how reservation is justified or unjustified for every class. What intrigues me is that every class plays a victim when talking about this.

Once a government official was explaining, how these messages which look mere idiotic are part of a bigger conspiracy. According to him there are various groups who are sending these messages 24×7 just to judge and predict that which type of messages can provoke the sentiments of the people and if needed how a rumor could be sold as a truth through social networks.

Apart from these there are various other stupidity catered on the social networks these days but I am not mentioning them as they are free from agendas and even being idiotic are harmless both from personal and social point of view. But the messages I am mentioning in previous paragraphs are really targeted social vibes which spread like infection. Moreover ease of access has made social networks available to everyone, including the jackasses who are clueless what they are doing online and the morons who can manipulate them just by messages. What I am referring in above line need not be explained as anyone reading this will get the essence and for the people who doesn’t, well it’s no use trying. They will either be confused or judgmental even after   explaining.


Free Online

A platform for freedom of speech has always been feared by all groups having a specific and biased agenda. I must accept that all the agendas are not bad neither all are good. Some agendas serve as the catalyst for change within society others are pushed purposefully for the change desired by the specific groups to promote their ideology. In the case of the latter the political parties and there corporate associates are more inclined all the time to make us believe what they want to and keep us blind from everything else.

From this respect Net Neutrality is the biggest thorn in their flesh. Before going any further I must accept that even my blog and its independent spread over the internet is a benefit of the unbiased nature of the internet. In past decade internet has become the biggest platform for the people to express, write or create what they want without getting policed by anyone. It has become a platform for independent creation and viewing the contents we desire.

Now speaking from above context few months earlier all the communication providers of this country were literally crying to finish net neutrality and to allow them to charge independent rates for various sites. Their justification was that it will help them to serve better and earn more revenue. It’s hard to believe on their claim of wanting to serve us better, but, be rest assured that they will not miss on even a single penny.

But is this the whole picture or a far more intricate and conniving play is going behind the scene! We must take into account that all these communication providers are among the biggest corporates of the country. Further, all these corporates are associated with various political parties. Every one of them is associated with one of the two biggest political camps of our country. Apart from that they are associated even further with the regional parties supporting either of the two above mentioned camps or even independent ones.

 Now these corporates are certainly kept close to political scenario because parties are fond of them. These all corporates promote and advertise in favor of their political associations through their communication networks. Moreover they want to manipulate the whole information flow to their advantage. To be specific, showing what they project and more importantly hide the loopholes and misconduct carried out by their parties.

Net neutrality is proving to be the biggest hurdle for the above mentioned nexus as every truth comes out and it has become impossible to bury a truth. Apart from that still we witness how nefarious can they be as every controversial post or blog or comment or video uploaded on the internet is either being removed or the online traffic flow is guided away from that information, if, it contains something that was intended to be kept hidden by the above mentioned nexus. They have a whole team of technocrats who are hell-bent on this job 24×7. We even witness many times, that information is broken apart and presented in malicious way just to ignite rage or cater to misguided fundamentalism. Icing on the cake is the manipulation of the link of the content in such a way that it stays almost invisible on the internet.

  Thus we can rightly assume, that if this is the “sign of the things to come” then what havoc will break loose, if this nexus is given the rights to control the flow of the internet. Then, apart from anything else, they will firstly, manipulate our speeds and the flow of the traffic. They can even decide which sites will open and which will not. With such large usage of internet they will get the power to influence the mindset of a whole nation either for good or evil and we by now certainly know by their associations and presentation that they are capitalists with bad political influence. They only care about their well-being.

So speaking for myself as a citizen of this nation I can’t accept to be manipulated by anyone. I should be allowed to know as much I can about whatever is happening out there and take sides on my will and judge on my conscience. My freedom of speech is my right.

 I know whenever this line is being used in recent times some political moron has screamed loud to remind us that it’s only the constitution of our country that has given us such a right. Firstly it should be birth right of every human being and secondly my answer to any such political idiot who cares to remind me my constitutional right is that “the chair on which you are sitting and power you are executing is also a right given by the constitution and not your ancestral right. So don’t you dare to remind us our constitutional right because even the platform you are using to shun us is a position granted by the constitution and our votes. So lastly before saying we don’t have right outside constitution you should care to realize that even you don’t have right outside the constitution.”

What if

What if

Few days ago a battle almost gripped the whole nation. A country which has, such a huge population below poverty line and such huge unemployed masses, to argue that the country is tolerant or intolerant about the religious sentiment is, frankly speaking diversion in every context. It’s more annoying in a sense that India has always been represented as unity among diversity. Hence it’s an insult on the very representation of India.

There were some brutal murders of the minorities and the people who were vocal for the rights of the minorities. More eyebrows rose because of the audacity shown by the antisocial elements and lack of proper measures on the part of the government.  Hence a voice was aroused throughout the nation, “are religious minorities safe in India”. In following months many other gruesome crimes also made the FrontPage news. Interestingly the victims were both the minorities and the majority. It seemed that all of a sudden all those crimes that were going unnoticed was given serious importance. It was not that people were suddenly awakened but a country divided among two groups is trying to victimize themselves and prove who is more oppressed. Many eminent personalities who were earlier mere spectators of the political scenario jumped in as connoisseurs.  Moreover the whole media got divided and took sides whereas they should have just reported rather than accusing. Everyone performed the age old act called

“ Behti ganga me hath dhona”

I don’t want to go in the debate that India is tolerant or intolerant as way too much focus has already been drawn to this topic in a country which has other serious issues. But surely inequality prevails in India and not only on the basis of religion but on caste too. The idea is just simple that my life is my right and whatever the hell I do with it. I can live, eat, socialize and function within the legal parameters of this country and no government or some fanatic or fundamentalist group should dare to question my legal rights.

But let’s leave this topic as it has become a cliché. Let’s move further. For one moment let us fascinate the idea that what if we support and encourage these religious fundamentalist groups may they be of any religion. What if we as a country as a whole follow their ideas and give them absolute power which they still lack because of our “yes, no and pata nahi” point of views as electronic media will represent.

As we can already see that whatever power we as people has given to any particular fundamentalist group is backfiring on us. When we as people has given the power to a fundamentalist group we think is doing the right thing, they always try to dictate how our lives should be according to them or the version of holy scriptures they have seen with their blind eyes . They are trying to teach us morals no matter how much immoral they themselves are. They want to dictate what we eat, they want to dictate what we wear, they want to dictate how or where we live and they even urge us to unite on the basis of an ideology they themselves don’t understand.

So I think we should be concerned as a nation by looking at the scenario that even this patches of power is giving them such platforms to create havoc. WHAT IF we give them our total support? Of course we may presume that they will demolish our so called opponents that fundamentalists themselves have chosen and convinced us to believe. One side also may get absolute benefits whereas other side will be shunned.

But what after that, don’t these fanatic fundamentalist who are born and bred from a vicious idea of inevitable conflict still continue their warmongering. They will still need someone to excise there unethical will and corrupted power. They will still need to make themselves contemporary. Even if these fundamentalists think to call it a day and to enjoy their unrighteous triumph, they will not be allowed by the political parties who have their vested interest in each of these groups. These political parties have bred the fundamentalist for the sole purpose of creating a anarchy from which they can create a illusion.

On that day these groups will turn towards us and will try to control our lives in every aspect. Today they are trying to influence but on that day they will compel us and whoever fail to comply will be outcaste and may meet worse fate. On that day there will be no one to stand against them, as we have chosen the monster to lead us and killed the other that use to keep him busy and away from our personal lives.  

So we might have our own religious views many of us might even support fundamentalism of one type or another but we surely should not let us be fooled by these fundamentalist political parties and their agendas, which we so foolishly accept correlating with our beliefs. Since, these agendas are solely created to ignite our biased views against other groups so that we can be brainwashed as a pack of wolves who will just attack on a go without realizing the reason of hatred. Afterwards when the fight ends we will bite each other claiming who is the purest.