Free Online

A platform for freedom of speech has always been feared by all groups having a specific and biased agenda. I must accept that all the agendas are not bad neither all are good. Some agendas serve as the catalyst for change within society others are pushed purposefully for the change desired by the specific groups to promote their ideology. In the case of the latter the political parties and there corporate associates are more inclined all the time to make us believe what they want to and keep us blind from everything else.

From this respect Net Neutrality is the biggest thorn in their flesh. Before going any further I must accept that even my blog and its independent spread over the internet is a benefit of the unbiased nature of the internet. In past decade internet has become the biggest platform for the people to express, write or create what they want without getting policed by anyone. It has become a platform for independent creation and viewing the contents we desire.

Now speaking from above context few months earlier all the communication providers of this country were literally crying to finish net neutrality and to allow them to charge independent rates for various sites. Their justification was that it will help them to serve better and earn more revenue. It’s hard to believe on their claim of wanting to serve us better, but, be rest assured that they will not miss on even a single penny.

But is this the whole picture or a far more intricate and conniving play is going behind the scene! We must take into account that all these communication providers are among the biggest corporates of the country. Further, all these corporates are associated with various political parties. Every one of them is associated with one of the two biggest political camps of our country. Apart from that they are associated even further with the regional parties supporting either of the two above mentioned camps or even independent ones.

 Now these corporates are certainly kept close to political scenario because parties are fond of them. These all corporates promote and advertise in favor of their political associations through their communication networks. Moreover they want to manipulate the whole information flow to their advantage. To be specific, showing what they project and more importantly hide the loopholes and misconduct carried out by their parties.

Net neutrality is proving to be the biggest hurdle for the above mentioned nexus as every truth comes out and it has become impossible to bury a truth. Apart from that still we witness how nefarious can they be as every controversial post or blog or comment or video uploaded on the internet is either being removed or the online traffic flow is guided away from that information, if, it contains something that was intended to be kept hidden by the above mentioned nexus. They have a whole team of technocrats who are hell-bent on this job 24×7. We even witness many times, that information is broken apart and presented in malicious way just to ignite rage or cater to misguided fundamentalism. Icing on the cake is the manipulation of the link of the content in such a way that it stays almost invisible on the internet.

  Thus we can rightly assume, that if this is the “sign of the things to come” then what havoc will break loose, if this nexus is given the rights to control the flow of the internet. Then, apart from anything else, they will firstly, manipulate our speeds and the flow of the traffic. They can even decide which sites will open and which will not. With such large usage of internet they will get the power to influence the mindset of a whole nation either for good or evil and we by now certainly know by their associations and presentation that they are capitalists with bad political influence. They only care about their well-being.

So speaking for myself as a citizen of this nation I can’t accept to be manipulated by anyone. I should be allowed to know as much I can about whatever is happening out there and take sides on my will and judge on my conscience. My freedom of speech is my right.

 I know whenever this line is being used in recent times some political moron has screamed loud to remind us that it’s only the constitution of our country that has given us such a right. Firstly it should be birth right of every human being and secondly my answer to any such political idiot who cares to remind me my constitutional right is that “the chair on which you are sitting and power you are executing is also a right given by the constitution and not your ancestral right. So don’t you dare to remind us our constitutional right because even the platform you are using to shun us is a position granted by the constitution and our votes. So lastly before saying we don’t have right outside constitution you should care to realize that even you don’t have right outside the constitution.”